The Conspirators

Following are the main conspirators of this 10th edition of Barcamp Delhi. There are other partners in crime as well (read the whole community since its a community event) but these four below are the protagonists.

Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar — Akash works at SAP Labs India in Gurgaon on some mumbo-jumbo and he’s the money wrangler for this event & pushing others constantly to do their part. He’s in-charge of schmoozing sponsors, convincing them its very cool to sponsor a Barcamp (yes its very cool, we appreciate all our sponsors very much). He can be found tweeting at @akashkumar1987

Amit Gupta
Amit Gupta — The do gooder samaritan, who named this Barcamp a Winter Edition. Amit is a co-founder of IBNMS, a veteran of several Blogcamps & blogging workshops, he works as a software engineer at PMC on cool stuff and is a code ninja in his spare time. He can be found tweeting at @amitgupta

Apurv Gupta
Apurv Gupta — Another good samaritan, not much is known about him except he’s a .NET guy who is a co-founder at a startup called Flick2Know and does some super secret voodoo for it.

Peeyush Jain
Peeyush Jain — Peeyush volunteered to help out when we needed someone with skills on something more than MS Paint. He designed the logo for this Barcamp (if you don’t like it then you know how he looks like, get hold of him at Barcamp) and posters etc. Big props to him for helping out.

Saurabh Jain
Saurabh Jain — Saurabh is the founder of OpenClass (community of mobile and web app developers) and SKJ Technologies Private Ltd. He’s been into mobile app development for last 10 years and lives and breathes apps. Big thanks from us for helping us spread the good word of Barcamp in dev communities. Saurabh can be found tweeting at @skjsaurabh